"AlisonCompany has differentiated themselves, by taking the time to truly understand our company, our culture and our strategic direction. The quality of the candidates they present is terrific, but perhaps more importantly, the candidates come in with a solid understanding of who we are as a company, and where we're headed, which makes the interviews themselves that much more effective. AlisonCompany is an extremely important and valued business partner."

Chris Blunt
EVP, Retirement Income Securities
New York Life  

“Finding and hiring top talent is what separates the winners from the losers and provides for sustainable long term success. Alison’s outstanding reputation, vast network of industry contacts, and her unique ability to recognize “A” players that are also a strong cultural fit within the organization make her an invaluable business partner.”

Harry A. Johnson
Director of Distribution
Advisors Asset Management

“AlisonCompany's team was professional, thorough and informative throughout the search process. They spent a great deal of time to fully understand my experience, strengths and interests to ensure that I was a fit for both the role and the corporate culture. I was impressed with how well Alison understood the company, its leaders and the position they were seeking to fill."

Angie Kyle
SVP, Individual Annuity Department
New York Life 

"Within such a competitive business environment, AlisonCompany recognizes the challenges of finding qualified candidates that meet the requirements to succeed in today's marketplace.  Rather than simply pushing any candidate for interview, they have taken time to understand the personalities that fit the culture of our company.  Consequently, the learning curve is shortened and productivity is more quickly accomplished."

Ken Dorris
National Accounts
Prudential Wirehouse Division

“Alison Stauber is a trusted partner in my business. Over the past year, Alison has proven that she truly cares about my success. Through her process, Alison has made it a priority to understand my firm's core values and business beliefs. She has taken the time to understand the characteristics that I value in a candidate. I use her honest and immediate feedback as one more screening tool in the interview process. Her professionalism and competency, coupled with a unique personal touch, have solidified my loyalty to AlisonCompany.”

Chris Fiacco
Northern Divisional Sales Manager
MainStay Investments

“Alison has never wasted my time with ‘flyers’ but rather she has approached me with only a handful of opportunities over the years. Opportunities that she had investigated and determined would be worth my time to explore. Introducing me to John Hancock was a great day. Thank you Alison!”

Rich White
National Sales Manager
Octavus Group, LLC

“Alison was a pleasure to work with. She is diligent about her process and provides excellent insight and customer service. She is very discerning about whom she put in front of us and obviously has a strong screening process. After 2 years searching without success, Alison provided us with not one, but two individuals that we were ready to hire. She helped us negotiate and close the deal with our top choice. He is now on board and doing a fantastic job.”

Scott Berlin
SVP, Individual Life Department
New York Life

“Alison is a true ally. She has always provided me with candid insight to opportunities. Additionally, she goes the extra mile to do the research that helps me make the most informed decisions for my career. She is a very important member of my personal board of directors!”

Regional Vice President
Mutual Fund Sales